ROME – Wednesday the free HIV test at the Europa Multi Club Recreational Club

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Roma – On Wednesday the free HIV test at the Europa Multi Club Recreational Club

AIDS It is a disease in which the immune system of the body It is seriously compromised byHIV (virus of human immunodeficiency), and this exposes the individual to a high risk towards lethal diseases, such as Kaposi’s sarcoma, rare forms of lymphatic cancer and a great variety of dangerous fungal infections, viral and bacterial. In strictly medical terms, people die not from AIDS, but from infections and other fatal diseases to which AIDS makes them vulnerable. HIV is transmitted from one person to another mostly through risky sexual practices, regardless of sexual orientation.

HIV is present in blood, semen and vaginal secretions and can only be transmitted when infected fluids come into contact with blood and enter the bloodstream.

There is no cure or vaccine to permanently eliminate HIV from the body. Knowing the disease and the ways in which it is transmitted is the only real protection against it. Paradoxically, HIV/AIDS is a disease that cannot be cured, but which can be prevented 100 per cent. People who contract the HIV (HIV -positive) virus are not AIDS sick, even if they are destined to become so, in the absence of adequate treatments.

If the diagnosis is timely and anti -rearview therapy is followed with scrupulousness, a HIV -positive subject can have an indefinite life expectancy, while always remaining a bearer of the virus. Only when the level of infection (viremia) exceeds a certain threshold, the subject is considered to be aids of AIDS. If a person suspects having contracted the virus, the only way to ascertain it is the test for the HIV at an equipped health facility.

The preparation of a vaccine for the AIDS has particular difficulties due to the continuous hypervariability of the virus genes, from the existence of multiple viral subtypes with different geographical distribution, from the provisional integration in the genome of the guest; , and from the possibility of invading and irreversibly damaging immunological organs such as thyme, marrow, lymphoghandolarelare system and central nervous system: the best care therefore always remains prevention.

Wednesday 15 April in Rome at the Europa Multi Club Recreational Club, located in via Aureliana 40 (Metro Barberini or Repubblica) the president Mario Marco Canale of the National Association of Irdos organized an important day for prevention, in collaboration with the Mario Mieli and Lila Circle: The HIV salivary test will be free and it will take place from 16 to 19, without an appointment and without prescription of a medical recipe. L ’ anonymous form, It is done by taking a saliva sample by simply scrolling a special swab along the whole of the gingival arcade.