VIGNA DI VALLE – Whoever saves a child saves the whole world

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Vigna di Valle – Whoever saves a child saves the whole world

The national project of the Italian Red Cross on “ diffusion of pediatric unblocking maneuvers ” è born più from year ago by the heartfelt need to spread to the whole civilian population (parents, grandparents, family members, teachers, teachers, babysitters, boy scouts, sports coaches, lifeguards, restaurateurs, who generally è in contact with children), the guidelines on pediatric unblocking and on the pediatric cardiopulmonary resuscitation maneuvers connected to them, which currently almost nobody knows.

Every year in Italy 50 children lose their lives due to suffocation from a foreign body (27% of accidental deaths – data ‘Companyà Italian of Pediatrics’): death does not happen for the “foreign body” accidentally ingested (gums, candies, raw ham, salad, dried fruit, popcorn, coins, games, and unfortunately many other small objects of daily use) but, above all, becauseé who assists children in the first moments, NOT è trained and informed about these maneuvers and può Generating disastrous consequences: taking a blocked child or, worse still, putting his fingers in the mouth, are the first two things that are done by the unpaid occasional rescuer and which usually cause the child's death.

On September 18, the national and international contact for maneuvers of unbalanced pediatric cardiopulmonary resuscitation and resuscitation. Marco Squicciarini, the Dott. Paride Ferrazza and the Dott.

Jacopo Pagani, together with the National Task Force of the Italian Red Cross, will hold an extremely engaging free interactive lesson and lasting two hours aimed at all interesting.Org, in order to teach subscribers the correct techniques of unblocking the child and the infant.

During the lesson are expected: projections of the official slides of the course, movies, simulations, release of certificate of participation and, as a gift to each participant, a DVD with boys save films, a poster and a manual.

AND’ the first time that a’genre initiative is held at’interior of a museum and has even moreù meaning as it has always been there’air Force è engaged with Italian Red Cross in charity companies aimed at the Società civil both in Italy and all’abroad.

The historical museum of Vigna di Valle, among the Più important d’Europe, does not only have the task of exposing and enhancing the aeronautical material of international historical and scientific interest, but is characterized by its ethical role, a place of socialization, gathering, exchanges, culture, training and information.

To facilitate the participation of adults Italian Red Cross Organizationà, with the volunteers of the pioneer member, an ad hoc play area for children all’Interior of the museum.