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Roma – Health, days of in-formation for eye well-being through power

Ocular well -being through food, food integration and sun protection. This is the name of the days of in-formation, now reached the sixth edition, organized by the Vasari optics of Rome on 27 and 28 November next (Piazza della Repubblica, 61 from 10.30 at 18.30) to promote eye health also through nutrition. Many studies now confirm how correct nutrition and adequate integration, favor the maintenance of eye health by helping to prevent some related pathologies at the age of age;. Therefore go -ahead for vitamic C, which contrasts oxidative stress, vitamin E, effective against the weakening of the eye muscles, vitamin A, necessary for the formation of visual pigments, and Omega 6, the so -called “ good fats & fats & #8221; which perform protective action on the eyes.

Among the foods, for the health of the eyes it is good to privilege yellow-orange fruit and vegetables particularly rich in antioxidants, and blue-viola in color containing anthocyanidins and flavonoids.

These days are moments of encounter to see, touch and taste everything that can encourage eye health. The objective is to relate to the foods, specific nutrients and food supplements, and what better way to do it if not with the preparation of a fruit and vegetable counter to savor a multisensory experience?

A barman will prepare smoothies, you can enjoy jam biscuits, berries above all, carrots, pumpkin and dark chocolate cakes. All very rich foods of the most beneficial active ingredients for the eyes. The idea was born from Marco Giannetti, head of the contactology and hypovision department of the Vasari store in Piazza della Repubblica, and was welcomed with great favor by the owner Fortunato De Gaetano.