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San Carlo di Nancy, the free free screening for osteoporosis: “ prevention is a woman ”

Free screening for osteoporosis in Rome at the San Carlo hospital in Nancy and Villa Tiberia Hospital in Rome. The appointment dedicated to the prevention and diagnosis of a pathology that affects 5 million people in Italy returns for the 7th consecutive year.

Thursday 8 March, from 10:00 to 18:00, at the San Carlo hospital in Nancy (General Hospital of Area accredited with the NHS) and Villa Tiberia Hospital (PolySpecialistic Health Presidium accredited with the SSN) of GVM Care & Research, it will be possible to undergo free of charge to a bone ultrasound, a non -invasive and rapid execution examination that calculates the bone density at the level of the heel.

San Carlo di Nancy, ultrasound to investigate bone health

Evaluating the risk of fractures is the first step for a prevention aimed at patient’s well -being. This first level screening allows to investigate bone health through a highly effective diagnostic technique that studies the aging of the skeletal system. The equipment used uses ultrasound and measures its speed and penetration capacity through the bone.

By combining these two data, what is called t-score is obtained, a useful value to define the risk of osteoporotic fractures.

An important appointment that returns for the 7th consecutive year to confirm the attention for the prevention and early diagnosis by GVM Care & Research, an Italian hospital group that organizes the initiative in 19 of its hospitals and polychers.

Osteoporosis is a pathology that most affects the female gender: it is estimated that 23% of women over 40 in Italy is suffering from it. This is because with menopause a sudden shot is manifested in the secretion of hormones that are missing, facilitating the reduction of bone mass. In man this occurs in a more gradual way with the andropause, leaving the time to adapt to the body.

Recommended for all women in menopause

“This screening is recommended to all women in menopause, and even before they notice a continuation of the column forward, or if they have risk factors such as cases of osteoporosis in the family, metabolism diseases or prolonged use of cortisone. It is important to be advised by the family doctor because situations at risk can be many and even in younger people ” – comments Dr. Gianni Nucci, an active orthopedic surgeon in various GVM Care structures & Research.

The pathology can in fact be linked to multiple risk factors that can derive from a familiarity to the pathology at a genetic level, from an early menopause, in the presence of an irregular cycle, if there is an abuse of alcohol and smoke, but also when they adopt extreme food regimes.

“A correct lifestyle plays a fundamental role. Starting from the food, for a healthy bone constitution it is important to provide vitamin D and calcium to the organism, especially in foods such as blue fish, eggs and dairy products – explains Dr. Luigi Petramala, general medicine specialist in different structures by GVM CARE & Research – But be careful of excesses: varying food and moderate quantities are the best advice to give “.

Recommended physical activity

“Physical activity is also always recommended – Dr. Nucci specifies. -In case of osteoporosis it must not be traumatic and it is important to do a physical exercise that stimulates the muscles against the force of gravity: 30-40 minutes of walking three times a week can be a valid help within everyone’s reach; In addition, walking in the open air allows the sun to help us produce vitamin D, important to fix calcium in the bones “.

Osteoporosis is a skeletal disease characterized by a reduction in bone mass and impairment of the micro-architecture of the tissue. The course is often without symptoms and the diagnosis is made only when a fragility fracture occurs, i.e. for a trauma that would be insufficient to cause the fracture in a healthy subject. Osteoporotic fractures occur more frequently in certain segments of the skeleton: vertebrae, femur and radius.

Tomorrow March 8 free screening

In addition to bone ultrasonography, MOC may be required for the diagnosis of osteoporosis
Dexa (Computerized Bone Mineralometry or Bone Densitometry) which uses X-rays for
a simple and painless instrumental investigation. This is recommended for women in menopause and coming
performed if ultrasound reveals abnormalities.

The initiative of 8 March is part of the spirit of GVM Care & Research who considers the fundamental
prevention as a crucial moment for the correction of modifiable risk factors with a healthy one