ROME – The first school of general medicine was born

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Roma – The first school of general medicine was born

The current context of approach to the use of the drug and the related conditions of use are strongly affected by a lack of structured information and data that are specifically coming from general medicine. In particular, parameters such as the “place in therapy” of drugs, the prescriptive and disbursement methods and the evaluation of the related costs rest on information deriving from experimentation setting other than other than General medicine.

It is known that the patient relating to territorial medicine has clinical and treatment characteristics very different from those of patients selected in clinical studies conducted in healthcare facilities. Comorbidity and the presence of concomitant therapies are common characteristics in patients observed by the general practitioner, while studies conducted in the pre-registrative phases allow, through the identification of particularly analytical inclusion/exclusion criteria/exclusion criteria/exclusion, to select a population often very different from that of the “real world”.

These critical issues have simultaneously repercussions both nationally and European, risking not to answer the therapeutic need of patients and the clinical question that the general practitioner is facing daily, in addition to sensitively limiting the economic sustainability of our health service National.

The research school

To respond to these problems Fimmg intends to constitute a group of researchers in general medicine, that can become a real “operational network”, to elaborate and support choices and positions of general medicine in reference to professional practice and the use of drugs. This network can also be involved in pre and post-marketing clinical research projects, according to the logic of “Large and Simple Trial”, which are increasingly used for verifying real effectiveness. Just think that, in recent years, it is precisely the regulatory agencies at national and European level that ask companies for the conduct of post-registrative studies in the closer conditions possible to the real world (Pass, Post Authorization Safety Study and Paes, Post Authorization Effectcy Study).

The goal is to constitute A real “Fimmg Clinical Research Experimentators Group”, through the creation of a research school in general medicine that must provide training and operational services to a fair number of doctors distributed on the national territory. The didactic offer will be articulated with a preliminary FAD training course and a subsequent residential course, which must be compulsorily attended by the aspiring. At the end of this path, a final verification will be implemented and, subsequently, to the overcoming of the same, the doctors trained will be included in the “Group experimenters clinical research Fimmg”.

There practicability of such an ambitious project It can only be achieved with the sharing of most parts and primarily with the will of the mmg to participate and to be actors of the future of their profession, since it is no longer possible to play an often anchillance and rearguarding role, under penalty of concrete risk decline.

Organization of the research school

The school will form about 400 general practitioners. Participation in the Research School, voluntaryly, provides for the availability for attending all didactic-formal initiatives and subsequent insertion in the “Group experimenters clinical research Fimmg”. The didactic moments will consist of a FAD, with compulsory participation, preparatory to the subsequent participation in a 3 -day residential course based in Frascati (Rome).

Fimmg will support the whole organization. The FAD course is available online from January 2015.

Are expected 13 residential courses of 30 participants each, Start of the same since February 2015 and to follow almost monthly.

MMGs can participate with an aging of agreement over 5 years and a number of clients over 800.