ROME – Not only pronstostocars on the weekend 600 doctors in 15 clinics

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Roma – Not only a pronstostostoccare, on the weekend 600 doctors in 15 clinics

In this weekend, as has been happening for two months, Six hundred doctors are in service in 15 open clinics from 10 to 19 both Saturday and Sunday. These structures spread throughout the city and to which you can contact regardless of the ASL of belonging and the presence of your doctor, are a valid one alternative to the emergency room regarding slight ailments, Pathologies related to flu syndrome, infrador infrared, fever up to 38 ° C without complications.

But also asymptomatic pressure rise, Anxiety, panic crisis, dermatological problems, insect stings, first degree burns of limited extension, superficial wounds that do not require suture and results of wounds, abrasions, removal of suture and medication, conjunctivitis, eyelid pathologies, otitis, urinary tract infections, urethritis, vaginitis, abdominal kidney colic, replacement of bladder catheter (in the presence of nurse), excuse tests of exclusion, reflux gastroesophageal, uncomplicated acute gastroenteritis, dyspeptic syndrome, sob, chronic constipation, hemorrhoidal syndrome.

For all this range of ailments The emergency room can be avoided and contact the weekend studies. You don’t waste time, you are visited immediately. The new territorial network has been active for two months in all the municipalities of Rome and up to now has recorded More than 6.000 accesses.

Addresses and telephone can be found on the Region website at the following address.

From 20 to 8 finally The medical guard service is operational which guarantees the home views also on Saturday afternoon and the entire day of Sunday and holidays that can be contacted as always on 06/570600.

Two months after the beginning of the experimentation it is clear that this new territorial network has had and is successful because in tune with the citizens’ care needs – explains the president of the Lazio Region, Nicola ZingarettiThe 15 studies open on weekends represent a unique innovation at national level and are a valid alternative circuit to the emergency room for everything that is linked to flu syndrome, mild ailments, anxiety states. The fact that more than 6 have turned to you in two months.000 citizens is the evident sign that the service fills a void in the territorial assistance network. Let’s go on in the construction of a modern health system in harmony with the requests and needs of citizens “.