Rome – Confirmed Budget 2014 for twins and bio -medical campus

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Roma – Confirmed 2014 Budget for Gemini and Bio-Medical Campus

Yesterday the President of the Lazio Region, Nicola Zingaretti and the representatives of the Gemelli Hospital and Campus Bio-Medico signed the contracts which set the maximum budgets for 2014 to remunerate the two structures accredited with the regional health system. The maximum turnover that will be recognized by the Region for Gemelli is 423 million and 610 thousand euros. The sum includes all the items that make up the loan, that is, hospitalizations for acute, specialist, rehabilitation, apa performance.

Based on the contract, the Gemelli will contribute with 30% of its performance on the plan to break down the waiting lists by providing them with the regional recup every week. As for the bio-medical campus, the maximum performance of services that the Region will acquire in 2014 from the Trigoria structure will be 85 million and 183 thousand euros. Also in this case, the Polyclinic is contractually undertaken to make available to the recup also every week 30% of the total services produced as required by the regional plan for the government and reduction of waiting lists.

Policlinico Gemelli and Campus Bio-Medico will present their invoices exclusively in electronic format.

The two contracts signed today in addition to guaranteeing the two important structures of the regional health system, management tranquility of management and serenity to doctors and all the staff who work there – explains Zingaretti – represent a further step forward in the relationship with accredited subjects. For the first time, in fact, non -public structures are charged to make their contribution to resolve one of the emergencies of the health of Lazio and that is the waiting lists, providing as a contractual rule the making available every week of the recup system 30% of the total performance. And the sign that a profound change is taking place in the health of Lazio in the sense of assumption of responsibility by all the actors of the system.”