Rome – New oncological network for breast cancer

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Roma – New oncological network for breast cancer

The President of the Lazio Region, Nicola Zingaretti signed the decree that starts the new oncological network to prevent and cure breast cancer. The aim is to overcome the current critical issues consisting of a deficiency of coordination, fragmentation of centers, duplications, long waiting times. With the new network contained in the decree signed by President Zingaretti, turn page.

The model defined by a working group consisting of experts , Association of patients, technicians and coordinated by the Regional Health and Social Health Integration Directorate is in line with the indications of the Ministry of Health and made by the Conference of the Regions in the session of last December 18th. The new network is divided into 39 screening centers, 36 clinical diagnostic structures and 15 Senology centers where surgical and reconstruction interventions will be carried out. Objective: to provide women with a response to the different welfare needs indicating a path that establishes taking charge from the screening, diagnostic assessment, diagnosis, up to the intervention Rehabilitation therapeutic.

In 2013, about 3 were estimated in the Lazio Region.000 accidents and 55 cases.000 prevailing cases of breast malignant tumor. This oncological pathology represents 41% of malignant tumors in women in the age group between 0 and 49 years, 35% between 50 and 69 years old and 21% in women aged 70 years old. Among the oncological deaths, this pathology turns out to be the first cause of death in women in all age groups.

The Screening center is the operating structure according to the provisions of the regional screening program; Here women residing between 50 and 69 years of age make a mammography every two years, following an invitation by their ASL of residence. The screening mammography is reported at the clinical diagnostic structure, a structure also dedicated to oncological prevention for asymptomatic women between 40 and 49 years old and for the ultra-seventh-nenis, to the diagnostic evaluation of symptomatic women, pre-creal and therapeutic, surveillance, surveillance diagnostics of high risk women as well as ai Controls from people operated.

The Center for Senology carries out diagnosis activities, Psychophysical treatment and rehabilitation of women with breast cancer. It functionally brings together all the specialties involved to ensure the multidisciplinarity of assistance: radiology, pathological anatomy, medical oncology, breast surgery (ensuring that each center takes at least 150 new cases per year), radiotherapy, nuclear medicine, physiotherapy and rehabilitation, medical genetics Oncological and psycho-oncology. The Center for Senology is responsible for the entire care path, also coordinating with the general practitioner and with the nodes of the pain therapy network.

The approved plan creates a widespread, qualified, recognizable network – explains the president of the Lazio Region, Nicola Zingaretti- Today the assistance system for this type of pathology, however, is not easy to access because it disarticulate and this weighs and has weighed on the life of the women of Lazio who often were left in front of evil. With the new network we aim to change pace: give them better care with greater timeliness, to create hope and put an embankment to solitude “.