Rome – Anti-flu campaign one million vaccines are on the way

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Rome – Anti-flu campaign, one million vaccines are on the way

For the flu vaccination campaign the Lazio Region makes available more than a million doses of vaccine to cover the categories at risk. At the forefront of implementing the campaign are General Practitioners, Paediatricians and Local Health Authorities. The vaccination is free.

The goal is the prevention of possible complications in subjects most at risk, chronically ill, elderly.

A widespread flu vaccination campaign is the best antidote against excessive emergency room visits – explained the president of the Lazio Region, Nicola ZingarettiFor the success of the operation, as well as every year, the active contribution of family doctors and pediatricians of free choice is crucial. This year it seems to me that all the conditions are in place to guarantee a very high degree of coverage of the population at risk”.

The initiative is aimed at people who are over 65 years old, to children over six months and adults with chronic conditions such as heart and respiratory disease, kidney failure, diabetes, cancer and immunosuppression caused by HIV. For children and adolescents at risk of Reye’s syndrome; to women who are in the second and third trimester of pregnancy; to family members in contact with people at high risk; to doctors and healthcare personnel, personnel who work in contact with animals, personnel of the police forces, firefighters and civil protection and other employees of public services of primary collective interest.

An integral part of the Programme It is the surveillance activity carried out through a network of 100 sentinels uniformly distributed in the area and coordinated at regional level, which provide for the systematic reporting of the cases of influence recorded among their clients and contribute to the identification of the viral strains of the flu. To carry out the vaccination or for further information, you can contact your general practitioner, paediatrician, the ASL services or consult the following LINK.