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Electronic cigarettes, even vapare can cause cancer to say the New York University

A study concerning the electronic cigarettes Coming from New York University highlighted that the human cells have changed much faster after being exposed to Steam of electronic cigarettes. Even if in reality previous studies have shown that the Electronic cigarette smoke It causes less damage to tobacco smoking, scholars, after subjected human cells and considering the mutation, said that the vapus is absolutely not without risk as it was thought.

Electronic cigarettes, they hurt yes or not?

A prerequisite to consider and that must never be underestimated is that the tobagism It is truly one plague of our society, As Giovanni d &#8217 has been stated for years; Agata president of the right -handed desk, causing millions of deaths the year around the world. To date many have passed to the electronic cigarette To try to limit the damage of tobacco and what it causes to the lungs, but in the light of what emerged during the study of New York University too this solution would be only a palliative.

In fact, scholars have tested theThe effect of the steam of the electronic cigarette On some human and mouse cells obtaining truly surprising results. In fact, at the base there would be a cell mutation so the consequence is that vapare has the ability to damage genetic information at the inside of the cell causing DNA mutations which lead to cancer.
The cells used came from bladder and lungs And the worrying thing was the speed with which the cells themselves became cancerous, the same as regards the tests on mice that have suffered significant damage to DNA.

Vapo is the alternative to cigarettes?

The message launched by New York University It is clear and precise, the electronic cigarettes are not the right alternative to cigarette smoke and for those who want to quit smoking. Electronic cigarette smoke (ECS) delivers nicotine through aerosols without burning tobacco. While tobacco smoke contains nitrosamines and many carcinogenic chemicals from combustion, ECS contains nicotine and some relatively harmless organic solvents.

Consequently, the “ vapo ”, as it is called colloquially, has been promoted as non -carcinogenic; A safer substitute for tobacco.

A recent study also discovered that electronic cigarette smokers had 97% less than
lung carcinogens in their body fluids compared to tobacco smokers. However, experts
they warn that this does not mean it’s safe and without cancer risk. The new study of Moon-
Shong Tang
, of the Department of Environmental Medicine, was an investigation into the belief that others
Tobacco products – Not nicotine – They are those who cause cancer and other health problems.
They concluded that, although the “ vapo ” provide Less carcinogenic agents Compared to the smoke of
tobacco, electronic cigarette smokers could have a greater risk than the non
smokers to develop lung and bladder tumors and heart disease.

And the costs?

Obviously, in addition to analyzing the Effects of the cigarette liquid
and what it causes to the cells of the human being, a small engraved must also be done to costs
electronic cigarette
To find out what you go to when you decide to go from the cigarette
conventional to the electronic one. Without a doubt a lesser topic compared to that relating to
health but as in all things it is good to know how much the electronic cigarette compared to
cigarette and if at the end of all it is really worth replacing instead of definitively stopping
to smoke.