Rome – Ex Cartaria Latina all ready for Dermart

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Rome – Ex Cartaria Latina, all ready for Dermart

Colors, lines and shapes of skin diseases make the skin a pictorial canvas in continuous reworking. New colors are stratified, elements of shape change over time, due to the environment, diseases and natural aging. The task of dermatologists is to know how to interpret the details of the changes in the skin how art critics make on the canvases, to know how to treat pathological changes and to help prevent those related to time and bad habits.

For this reason and with this goal it was born Dermart, a conference that combines Dermatology with Art to dissect their common languages.

Conceived and directed by Massimo Papi and now in its seventh edition, the review continues its tradition in the didactic comparison between skin diseases and painting, also proposing a series of new topics of multidisciplinary interest. This year Dermart will take place at Appia Antica Regional Park in Rome (former Latina paper mill) the 25 and 26 September p.v. and will see speakers belonging both to the various professions of the healthcare world (doctors, nurses, biologists, psychologists), and to the multifaceted artistic universe (painters, art makers, art historians and critics), together with speaking, interpreting, historicizing and giving new meanings to suffering and skin blemishes.

The basic theme of the meeting will be adolescence With the changes and critical changes that the skin and annexes undergo in this phase of life and the important aspects that the skin is in the formation of its image.

Numerous topics covered. Among these we will talk about the elements that in the “portraits“Allow you to identify some skin diseases of teenagers (atopia, psoriasis) and the portrait that each of us makes of themselves during this delicate transformation phase (self -portrait), as well as the latest instrumental instruments of investigation that also allow interesting parallels between skin lesions of the face (eg. Attinic keratosis) and the bright colors of pop art.

Attention in adolescence in the condition of hair It is a source of numerous psychological problems and requires great diagnostic ability as well as therapeutic choices diversified by dermatologists. These issues will be addressed, also illustrating the cases of alterations in congenital or rare diseases of children and in the largest typical adolescence (alopecia areata, initial androgenetic alopecia) and offering responses to how to treat or “cover” these disorders.

Given the success in the 2014 congress, Dermart also offers a curious training in interpreting the details of the famous portraits of young people, then assuming potential diagnosis and clinical stories, Together with historical experts of art (iconodiagnostics). The observational ability, the finesse in psychological interpretation, attention to details and symbols, will thus make the refined diagnosts and creators of fascinating stories between experiences and potential pathologies.

They will also be called to confront neuroscientists and psychologists to understand the anxieties that we live in this period of existence, the possible consequences on the skin and the role of art to better understand and mitigate skin disorders. On this topic, the reading of the essay “The self-inflicted skin lesions” will be able to better understand the clinical dermatological aspects of pathologies often difficult to diagnose, while other interventions of brilliant experts in the sector will explore the psycho-affective side linked to this subject.

The theme “The skin in light music“It will then be an opportunity to census, lightly together with the agreed audience, the most famous songs in which the skin is somehow protagonist. Passionate dermatologists and artists from the world of music and theater will help with their interpretations to make some difficult aspects of skin diseases milder.

Deception of observational factors on the clinical manifestations of the skin – on a par with the trompe the OEIL of painting – It will be further subject to deepening in the daily practice of clinical diagnoses through also a clinical competition open to young and old dermatologists with short description of clinical stories.

Finally, in the “Corner of history”, space for understanding the meaning of gestures and communication expressed by hands in the history of the art of sculpture (Maniloquium).

The setting for the event is the splendid headquarters of the former Cartiera Latina, the institutional headquarters of the Appia Antica Park, a location immersed in nature that will inspire a special session dedicated to discovering the risks of insect bites and parasites in natural environments and the morphological correspondences between nature, skin and art, examining dermatoses from contact with plants and sun damage (phytophotodermatosis and actinic keratoses).

It will finally be organized a mini-course on the art of nursing dressing of the skin of children and adolescents, that perhaps sometimes it is forgotten to be more sensitive and delicate than that of the adult and at risk of damage, of therapeutic ineffectiveness or not adherence, if a series of information and explanations are not provided to parents.

Dermart 2015 thus confirms itself as an unconventional conference-event, aimed at making medicine known and appreciated even in the simplest aspects of humanization, as well as an opportunity for university students to obtain 9 training credits pertaining to the following faculties: General Surgery; Dermatology and Venereology; General Practitioners; Neurology; Pediatrics; Pediatrics (Free Choice Pediatricians); Psychology; Psychotherapy; Child Neuropsychiatry; Territorial Pharmacy; hospital pharmacy).