Time To Ditch the Expensive Face Cream? 5 Anti-Aging Benefits Of HIIT

Lynn Shulman

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I do HIIT mostly with some weights.

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But I've also done years of bootcamp classes, worked out with a trainer and also kick-boxing.

Most recently I've also been doing some Studio Lagree, a type of pilates.

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Anti aging HIIT

It’s hard to open a fitness magazine these days and not read about High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT for short.

It’s the hottest workout du jour that promises to melt away fat and build muscle.

This fast-paced fitness trend involves alternating short bursts of activity with a quick recovery period in between.

One variation you could try is sprinting for 30 seconds then rest for 90 seconds by walking on a treadmill

Most articles about High Intensity Interval Training focus on its physique-building attributes.

What many people don’t realize is that HIIT can help you look younger too.


Science shows that HIIT anti-aging benefits are due to its ability to boost Human Growth Hormone (HGH).

If you’re unfamiliar with HGH, it’s a natural hormone secreted by our body that’s responsible for our youthful appearance.

HGH declines dramatically with age.

In fact, it starts to decline soon after puberty and by age 40 we have less than a third of the HGH production than when we were in our 20’s.

Fortunately, doctors have figured out that supplementing with synthetic HGH can boost your HGH levels by 20-100%.

Where do you sign up you ask?

Not so fast. These injections are incredibly expensive, are not covered by most healthcare plans and are therefore out of reach for most people.

What’s the average person to do?

HIIT the gym, quite literally.

HIIT exercise can boost your HGH levels by a whopping 700% and the effects can last several hours.

Thus if you’re looking for a natural way to delay aging here are five ways that HIIT will have others guessing your real age:

#1 HIIT Keeps Skin Firm and Toned, Especially After Age 40

There’s no denying that skin starts to lose laxity and firmness after the age of 40.

Compelling evidence suggests that engaging in regular HIIT workouts over a prolonged period of time can reduce wrinkles and keep the skin from sagging.

How does it work exactly?

It has to do with how quickly and efficiently your skin regenerates. This paper shows how boosting your HGH levels can play an important role in the maintenance and repair of the skin cells, thereby increasing natural collagen levels in the body.

#2 HIIT Stimulates the Production of Telomerase

Remember Telomeres?

They were in the media several years ago for their role in human aging.

In fact, ageing of all cellular organs and systems, including our skin, is the direct result of decreased telomere length.

A quick biology lesson: telomeres are caps that protect the ends of our chromosomes against age-related decline.

Simply stated, HIIT exercise stimulates Telomerase, an enzyme that helps to extend them. It’s now widely accepted by scientists that “HGH at youthful blood levels is the most significant single factor we have found in allowing and encouraging Telomeres to grow much longer.” Source: http://www.aaiclinics.com/lengthen-telomeres/

#3 HIIT Keeps Your Energy Levels High

Any kind of exercise is beneficial.

But HIIT in particular seems to have a profound energizing effect on the body.

That’s because HIIT has been shown to improve cellular energy production by acting on the mitochondria, the cell’s “energy centers.”

What does this mean in practical terms?

An impressive study concluded that older participants experienced the benefits of HIIT the most.

Those between the ages of 69-80 saw their energy level increase by 69% (measured by mitochondrial capacity) compared to their younger cohorts (ages 18-30) who only experienced 49%.

It’s safe to say, however, that HIIT benefits can be enjoyed by participants of all ages.

#4 HIIT Revs Up a Sluggish Sex Drive

In addition to helping you look and feel better, most types of exercise increases blood flow to your sexual organs (and the rest of your body).

Furthermore, since HIIT boosts your HGH levels naturally it plays an even bigger role in resurrecting a dwindling sex drive.

Clinical studies have shown that women who received HGH supplementation experience an enhanced libido, enjoying orgasms similar to that of their youth.

#5 HIIT Keeps Your Body Younger at the Cellular Level

A rush of endorphins after an intense HIIT workout is only one of its short-term benefits.

There’s also a protective effect on DNA and cellular health in the long-term.

In other words, prolonged HIIT stimulates positive genetic changes that help the cells stay ‘younger.”

We may not be aware of it in the moment but HIIT is actually helping us maintain a number of vital systemic processes that have a rejuvenating effect on all our cells.

So start doing your HIIT!

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