How Much Caffeine Should You Be Drinking?

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Caffeine per day

How much caffeine should you be consuming per day?

Grab a cup of coffee and let me spill the beans!

In a rush? Try keeping you caffeine intake to less than 400mg per day. You can build a tolerance to it so the more you consume it the less effective it becomes. 🙁 shocker!

Every 6 weeks take a week off from caffeine to prevent yourself building a tolerance.

The average cup of coffee contains around 100mg of caffeine so that’s 4 cups per day.

Personally I would recommend 2-4 cups but try to only drink a coffee when you feel you need a “pick me up” and you’ll be fine!

Did you know? 20 grams of caffeine can kill a person.

But don’t worry, that means you’d have to drink 4.69 gallons of coffee!

Caffeine is actually considered to be the most commonly used psychoactive drug in the world.

You can find it in soda, tea and coffee obviously.

But what does caffeine actually do to your body?

Instant Alertness?

Caffeine acts as a central nervous system stimulant.

This means that when the caffeine reaches your brain it generates alertness.

That’s why you’re feeling fresh, less tired and more awake within minutes of drinking it.

Sometimes people consume caffeine to treat headaches since it helps reduce inflammation and that can bring relief, but remember too much caffeine can also cause headaches.

And there’s also something known as post caffeine crashes.

Just like the sugar crash you feel tired and depleted hours later unlesss you get another fix.

Maybe that’s why they consider it as a psychoactive drug!

A Low Blood Pressure Fix?

Did you know that caffeine helps people with low blood pressure?

In addition to that, coffee drinkers have less risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Some studies have even suggested that drinking three or four cups of coffee a day may reduce the risk of throat, mouth and liver cancer. Although more research still needs to be done!

Caffeine causes insomnia, so while it’s a great upper to keep you awake, it can be a problem if you drink coffee before going to bed.

Have you ever thought it strange on a night out or a dinner party when someone offers you a cup of coffee an hour before you go to bed?

You mean you’re offering me a cup of that super fluid I drink every morning to help drag myself out of bed just before bed time? Are you mad?

How Much Caffeine Per Day?

You may want to take a look at just how much caffeine you get in a typical day, especially if you’re bothered by headaches, restlessness or anxiety.

So, how much caffeine is ok per day?

1-3 cups per day should be fine!

Studies have shown that 400 milligrams  of caffeine appears to be safe for most healthy adults.

But how do you measure caffeine?

Here’s the thing, 400mg of caffeine equals to the amount of caffeine in 2-4 cups of brewed coffee, two energy shot drinks or 10 cans of cola.

By the way, don’t drink 10 cans of cola per day. 🙂

Make sure you know how much caffeine you’re consuming, since it doesn’t take a lot of caffeine to have an effect.

Less is more!

Now, let’s get some things straight, myths about caffeine.

Can it help you lose weight?

The theory is that coffee acts as an appetite suppressant and a metabolism booster.

While some people might think that this is true, the reality is that while coffee may temporarily squelch your appetite, it won’t help you lose weight.

It ‘lies’ to your body you’ve had a meal when in fact you haven’t.

But that’s just a short period of time. Now another thing, can caffeine cure your hangover?

While it can make you feel more alert (as I mentioned) and a little less dizzy, it doesn’t cure hangover. But it definitely helps you get out of bed and function better after a night of drinking!

Instead, try eating some fruit and vegetables, drinking water and exercising.

By now, you have probably finished your coffee and I hope it was delicious.

Did you know that women metabolize caffeine about 25% faster than men!

Know your coffee and set limits on the caffeine intake that you allow yourself, be sure to give your body what it needs in adequate amounts.

So how much caffeine per day?

You body can tolerate quite a lot. 200-400mg per day is recommended if you’re a coffee drinker that equates to around 2-4 cups per day.

In my opinion a nice cup of coffee is a great way to start the day and then a cup early afternoon.

I drink 2 cups per day and that suits me well.

But remember this:

  • Caffeine is addictive!
  • if you take a pre-workout then that probably has caffeine too! So always read the label. You’ll be surprised how many supplements contain caffeine!
  • Caffeine can cause energy crashes which may explain why you feel tired in the afternoons a few hours after drinking a cup of coffee.
  • Try to keep caffeine to a minimum as your body can build a tolerance to it! Which means the more you consume the less effects you’ll notice. (Personally I take a “caffeine break” every 6 weeks where I consume no caffeine for a week to make sure I’m not building a tolerance to it.
  • And lastly.. If you’re going to drink coffee and consume caffeine then make sure it’s the good stuff and none of that instant junk! 🙂

I hope this article was helpful too you.

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