It can be a challenge for women to lose weight simply because the way in which the female body is made compared to the male body.

Women overall have more fat than men even when at their ideal weight.

Women average 6 to 11 percent more body fat than men meaning that women have more fat than muscle when compared to the male body.

This in itself makes weight loss for women more difficult.

Scientifically, it is believed that women carry more fat naturally in their bodies due to female hormones, particularly estrogen which fails to help burn fat after eating a meal.

As an additional issue for women, when they reach the menopausal age, it also slows down their metabolism making weight loss even slower.

While women of course can and do lose weight, the fact that they have more factors that make weight loss a slower process means their commitment to it has to be steady.

So you have to be extra committed!

Combining moderate exercise with healthy eating is the best possible way for women of all ages to lose weight.

Rapid weight loss is not healthy and normally the person tends to gain it back plus some extra.

Thus creating a yo-yo type of dieting which puts excess stress on other organs in the body.

A steady one to two pounds of weight loss per week is excellent progress for women trying to shed some pounds because the slower the weight is lost the more likely it is to remain off.

Men tend to lose weight much faster when compared to women even if the male is consuming more calories.

The key to weight loss for women is a complete lifestyle change that includes some type of exercise regime, sensible eating, and patience.

The steady weight loss ensures your body is adjusting well to the slower process and much more likely to keep it off.

Losing and gaining weight rapidly is one of the worst approaches to weight loss for both women and men but particularly for women as it tends to slow the metabolism down overall, making the next time she attempts weight loss harder.

it’s best to break you goal down into segments.

For instance, if you want to lose 30 pounds then break it down into three segments of 10 pounds.

Set a goal of 10 pounds and when that is reached, celebrate and set your next 10-pound goal until your full 30 pounds is obtained.