I’m writing this ZetaClear review because I’ve been using it myself to try and get rid of some nasty toenail fungus.

I’m going to share my results and tell you about what you can expect to happen when you use this product.

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Oh yeah and I bought mine from the official website ZetaClear.com

Before I found Zetaclear I went to see my doctor.

She told me that she was going to have to remove my nail and put a chemical solution on it so that it would NEVER grow back.

All because I had this nasty toenail fungus that just wouldn’t go away.

I’m not exactly sure how I got my toenail fungus but I think it might have something to do with exercise.

I started exercising a lot recently so my socks would get sweaty and wet so that’s probably why.

All of a sudden my nail just started turning yellow and smelly and really brittle.

Sometimes it would even hurt to walk.

I couldn’t go swimming anymore either because I was too embarrassed to let anyone see my nasty nail.

I also stopped wearing any nice open toed shoes which sucked because I like my nice shoes!

And when my 5 year old nephew saw my toe he said “EWW, what’s wrong with your toe!” ?

I think a 5 year old almost made me cry.

I’d tried all kinds of stuff to fix it.

  • Tea tree oil.
  • Over the counter stuff.
  • Home remedies.
  • Lamisil
  • Sporanox.

But nothing worked!

So anyway the doctor wanted to remove my nail and I told her that I was going to think it through.

When I got home that evening I decided that I was going to do one last search on Google to see if there was something else I could try.

That’s when I found this product called Zetaclear.

Of course I was a very skeptical because I’d already tried a bunch of products with no success.

But I was desperate and desperate times call for desperate measures so I ordered myself some Zetaclear.

It arrived 2 days later..

With Zetaclear you get an oral spray that you put under your tongue and a solution to put on the nail.

The oral spray has ingredients in it that help fight the fungus from the inside and the solution that goes on the nail helps kill the fungus from the outside.

Sort of like a double WHAMMY approach.

I told myself that if ZetaClear didn’t work for me then I was going to get the nail removed.

So the same day that Zeta Clear arrived I started using it.

It’s actually really easy to use.

Just spray once or twice under the tongue and put some of the external solution onto the infected nail.

My ZetaClear Results

I couldn’t believe it.

Over the next 30 days I gradually saw my toenail fungus start to disappear.

It became less and less yellow and it started to fresher.

After 30 days of using Zetaclear my toenail fungus had almost completely cleared up.

I trimmed off the end that was just dead nail and it almost looked as if there was never any problem to begin with.

I carried on using it for another 30 days because I just wanted to make sure that the fungus was completely gone and wouldn’t resurface.

It’s now been a week since I stopped using it and there’s been no sign of any nail fungus returning!

I can walk fine again and my nail doesn’t stink anymore!

Plus I’ve started wearing my nice open toed shoes again.

I may even go swimming soon as well.

It feels like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I don’t need to feel embarrassed anymore if anyone sees my feet.

I’ve also bought some antibacterial wipes and I am going to wipe my toes after every workout so I don’t get any nail fungus again.

But it feels great to know that if I do ever get any nail fungus again then I’ve got Zetaclear to help me out.

Anyway I just wanted to let you all know about Zetaclear because I know that nail fungus is a common problem so if you’re suffering from it then give it a try!

ZetaClear Reviews

Over the last few years Zeta Clear has grown to become one of the most popular and bestselling nail fungus removal products in the world.

Since I posted my review some of my readers have posted their own ZetaClear reviews below, here are some of them.

I can finally look at my toe again!

I had this horrible nail fungus and infection on my big toe for over 6 months and just couldn’t get rid of it.

The nail was yellow and would break off and there was pus in the corner.

After using zetaclear for 6 weeks my nail has returned to its normal color and the infection has been killed.

I can finally look at my toe without disgust once again! I’m so glad I found this product.


Give Zeta-Clear a try!

For all of you reading this who have some kind of nail fungus, give the Zeta-Clear solution a try because it really works fast.

2 of my nails were looking completely disgusting and smelly but after using this stuff for just a few weeks my nail fungus has almost completely dried up and receded.

One bottle should be enough for one nail. 5-stars!


Happy with this product

I tried 3 other products before I read these Zetaclear reviews and bought myself a bottle and now I’m thrilled to have found a product that works. I see a big difference and it’s only been 2 weeks.

I reckon my nail fungus will be completely gone in 2-3 weeks and I can finally wear open toed shoes again just in time for summer!

Joanna J.


No matter what I tried my nail continued to stay yellow and brittle and it looked like it was dying.

I tried all kinds of home remedies like vinegar and tea tree oil but they did nothing.

ZetaClear cleared it all up in under 4 weeks. My boyfriend is amazed at how fast it worked.

Give this product a try guys and girls, you won’t be disappointed.


Here’s my ZetaClear before and after photos.

Here’s my ZetaClear before and after photos.


You have no idea how happy I am to finally have nice nails again! The smell has gone and my feet feel fresh again.

If I ever get nail fungus again I know what I’ll be buying.


If you’ve tried this product then please leave your review here.

What Makes Zetaclear Work?

So while I was writing this review I thought it would be a good idea to find out what’s in it and figure out why it works so well.

So that’s what I did!

Here’s what’s in Zetaclear and why it works..

First of all we have the topical solution. (You put this on your nail.)

Tea Tree Oil – There have been thousands of studies conducted on Tea Tree Oil and it’s benefits.

The reason that it’s in Zetaclear is because of it’s powerful antibacterial properties.

It’s a natural antiseptic and has been proven to help kill the fungal bacteria that cause toenail fungus.

Jojoba Oil – There are tons of uses for Jojoba Oil and the hundreds of studies that have been done it confirm that it has some powerful anti fungal properties.

Vitamin E Oil – Believe it or not Vitamin E Oil will help to speed up the growth of new and healthy nails.

As well as kill bacterial.

Lemongrass Oil – I’d never heard of this one before but after doing some research I discovered that it has powerful antibacterial, antiseptic, anti fungal and even anti inflammatory properties.

It’s also very soothing for the skin so I’m glad to see it in Zetaclear.

Undecylenic Acid – Similar to the other ingredients Undecylenic Acid has some powerful anti fungal properties and helps to kill the bacteria that makes up the toenail fungus.

Clove Oil – This oil is a proven antimicrobial agent.

That means it helps to kill the little micro organisms that make up the nail fungus.

Conclusion of the Zetaclear topical solution – So as you can tell all of the ingredients that make up the topical solution have powerful anti fungal properties and will help to regenerate a healthy new nail.

The Oral Spray Ingredients. (You spray this under your tongue.)

Now let’s look at the ingredients of the Zetaclear oral spray;

Antimonium Crudum – Monks were the first people to start eating this hundreds of years ago.

Since then it has been proven to be effective at getting rid of nail fungus, warts and gout.

Arsenicum Album – This ingredient helps to kill bacteria growth from the inside. It spreads through every area of the body and helps to kill bad bacteria and preserves good bacteria.

Mancinella – This one is popular among homeopath remedies because it’s great for the skin, eyes and nails.

Nitricum Acidum – This is another popular one among homeopaths because of it’s ability to improve blood flow.

To be honest I couldn’t really find out how this ingredient helps with nail fungus.

Sulphur 12x – This is a naturally occurring mineral that studies have proven will help cure skin and nail conditions such as toenail fungus. It’s also an anti inflammatory.

Thuja Occidentalis – Woah so this is some pretty powerful stuff. Thuja is an antibacterial, anti fungal, antiseptic and anti cancer powerhouse.

It helps to kill things that should not be inside or on your body including the bacteria that forms toenail fungus. It even helps to kill cancer cells.

Conclusion of the Zetaclear oral spray – After Googling all of the ingredients of the oral spray and reading up on them I now understand what all of the ingredients do and why they were added.

When you use both the Zetaclear oral spray and the topical nail solution you have some pretty powerful ingredients that will help you to get rid of your nail fungus for good.

That’s what I think anyway.

The Zeta Clear FAQs

If you’re thinking about buying Zeta Clear then you may have some questions about it so I’m going to try my best to answer them below.

Here we go;

How long does it take to work? Well I could actually see and feel a difference within the first few days but it will probably take between 30-60 days for Zetaclear to fully clear up your nail fungus.

It’s best to continue using it for a little while after your nail fungus has cleared up just to make sure it gone completely.

Is Zeta Clear safe to use? Yes, as far as I can tell there are no negative side effects.

Is it easy to use? Yeah, it only takes a minute to apply in the morning and evening.

Will Zetaclear work for me? Well there’s only one way to find out but I have a good feeling it will work for you.

I tried a bunch of home remedies, prescription products and OTC products that I bought from the shops but none of them were able to do what Zetaclear did.

I have another question! If there’s something that I haven’t already answered in this review then please feel free to ask it in the comment box below this post and I’ll answer it for you as soon as possible.

Should You Buy Zetaclear?

I was at my wits end with this nasty toenail fungus that just wouldn’t go away.

My doctor even told me that she was going to remove my nail.

Then I found Zetaclear which pretty much saved my nail!

I’ve tried a lot of stuff to get rid of my nail fungus and this has been the only thing that has worked for me.

So should you buy it?

Definitely! If you have nail fungus then you need to give Zetaclear a try.

It’s not that expensive and it might only take a few weeks for you to get rid of your nail fungus for good.

Nail fungus SUCKS! So don’t put up with it any longer.

Give Zetaclear a try.

You wont regret it.

It’s been a nail saver for me. 🙂

WARNING! DON’T buy Zetaclear from Amazon because there are fakes being sold on there.

The official website to buy is ZetaClear.com

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