Monday Motivation: 8 Inspirational People Who Lost Weight This Week!

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Monday Motivation

Are you about to get started on your weight loss journey and need a little bit of inspiration to get you going?

Well, here are 10 people who shared thier results this week to show you that it can be done!

#1 Hannah @hi_hannahclaire

Hannah has been on her fitness journey for about a year now.

Her goal is to lose 100 lbs and she’s just 16 lbs away from that goal!

How did she do it?

Lots of water and a healthy diet change.

#2 Kai Warader @suffokait

Kait took a look at her graduation photos on Facebook from two years ago and realized she had enough.

Since then she has continued to work on herself to become the best version of herself.

Healthy diet and regular exercise is how she is accomplishing her goal.

#3 Angel @Angel3dot0

From as early as elementary school Angel’s weight has always been a concern to him.

At his heaviest he weighed 405 pounds and was considering bariatric surgery.

To lose the weight he began doing three things:

Tracking calories on the myfitnesspal app.

Eliminating all added sugar and artificial sweeteners.

Tracking macros

In addition, he runs 5-6 times a week at his local gym.

#4 Gina @resoluteketo

Gina was looking to lose some weight in a healthy way.

After reading up on the Keto diet, she thought that it would be a good fit for her lifestyle.

Since she began her journey she has lost 120 pounds by following said diet and cutting our carbs.

#5 Ash @Ashesk6

Ash decided had reached a weight that made her uncomfortable and she wanted to make some changes.

Within 6 months she gained control of her life and started weight lifting, carefully tracking her macros, and drinking lots of water.

#6 Savannah @Savannahpeirce

Savannah Peirce began her weight loss journey back in 2015 after looking at photos and being unhappy with how she looked.

She received many hate messages from people telling her she needed to get to the gym and lose weight.

Putting those hate comments to the side, she decided to lose weight for herself.

As of 2018 she has lost 40 pounds by cutting out sweets and trading in sugary drinks for water.

Additionally she follows a vegan diet which helps her keep the weight off.

#7 Morgan @morgankarkovicc

Morgan started out by doing a 30 day healthy living diet which consisted of cutting out soda, coffee, and energy drinks.

Like many others she drinks tons of water.

She has admitted that she doesn’t really work out, but her job requires a lot of physical activity which has helped her lose weight as well.

#8 Jess @UGoGlenCoco

Jess has been on her healthy weight loss journey for the past 9 months. By following a healthy diet and regular exercise she is down 58 pounds!

Just remember! If they can do it then so can you!

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