I’ve been using Capsiplex from Capsiplex.com because I desperately needed to lose some weight so I’m writing this review to share my results and tell you all about it.

(Reviews) By the way, there are now some really helpful Capsiplex reviews by FitMapped.com readers below!

Hi my name is Sarah and I’m a 32 years old secretary.

6 months ago I was scouring the internet looking for something that would help me to lose weight.

I was 70 pounds overweight, had no energy and was starting to feel depressed about how I looked.

That’s when I found the Capsiplex website and decided to give it a go.

Now that I’ve been using it for quite a while I thought I’d post my Capsiplex review.

Here’s what I’m going to talk about in this review.

  • What is Capsiplex and how does it work.
  • The pros and cons of using it.
  • My results.
  • Should you buy it.

So let’s get started.

What is Capsiplex and how does it work?

Capsiplex is basically an energy booster and fat burner.

You take 1 pill 30 minutes before you exercise.

Here are the main ingredients and what they do.

Capsicum extract: This is the hot part of a chili and it’s supposed to raise your body temperature slightly causing something called thermogenic burn which increases your metabolism and burns an extra 278 calories from exercise than you normally would.

Caffeine: Capsiplex also contains caffeine and we all know what that does.

L-Arginine: This is an amino acid that increases blood flow and delivers more oxygen to muscles. This means you can exercise for longer without getting tired and recover faster.

Vitamin B3: Helps to prevent fatigue and tiredness. Making you feel more alert and energized.

Capsiplex also contains vitamin c, magnesium and potassium which are good for improving concentration and preventing tiredness.

So the main ingredient is the Capsicum and after doing some research I found that this is in quite a lot of fat burners and studies have shown is very effective at helping to burn more calories especially when combined with exercise.

The other ingredients of Capsiplex work to prevent tiredness while the Capsicum helps you burn fat faster.

So when you look at it that way the Capsiplex should be great at helping you burn fat and lose weight right?

Well lets have a look at the pros and cons..

Pro’s and Cons of Capsiplex

Let’s start off with the Pros.

  • The energy – Before I got started with Capsiplex I was never one for exercise, mainly because I never had the energy. When I ordered these tablets I made a commitment to myself to start exercising to lose some weight. The first day I took Capsiplex was just after I got home from work. Now remember I had been to work all day and I was tired but 30 minutes after taking 1 tablet my energy perked up like I had never felt before. I felt more alert and lifted and I just couldn’t sit still. That day I went for a run, luckily I live near a quiet park with lots of space and I just kept jogging around the park for a good 40 minutes. When I got home and took a shower I felt amazing, better than I had ever felt before. It’s amazing how good exercise can make you feel. Before taking Capsiplex I barely had the energy to get off the couch let alone go for a 40 minute run. So if you’re lacking in energy then Capsiplex will definitely help you with that.
  • Recovery – In the past whenever I tried to exercise I would feel sore the next day. Strangely I never felt sore the next day while using Capsiplex. I think this is because of the L-Arginine.
  • Burn more calories – The capsicum in Capsiplex is supposed to increase your body temperature through thermogenic burn and cause you to burn more calories. Well I definitely noticed that I felt warmer after taking a tablet. And I would sweat a lot when I started exercising. It just felt like I got a good workout after taking Capsiplex.
  • There’s a 60 day money back guarantee – That’s a pro.

The Cons.

  • You wont be able to sleep if you take it too late. I made this mistake and didn’t get to sleep until about 3 am. I don’t think you should take a tablet 4-5 hours before you go to bed just because the energy you get from Capsiplex will keep you awake.
  • Will make you thirsty – I found that I got very thirsty while taking Capsiplex. Some people may see this as a pro as it’s good to drink lots of water. But I just found that I woke up in the morning and my mouth was quite dry and my mouth would just get dry if I didn’t drink anything in a while.

My Results From Using Capsiplex

So the reason I started taking Capsiplex was because I needed to lose around 5 stone which is 70lbs (pounds).

(There are 14 pounds to a stone)

The first thing I did when my Capsiplex arrived was to make a commitment that I would stop eating so much junk food and start eating healthier.

I also made a commitment to exercise everyday after taking a Capsiplex.

Here are my results after 6 months..

Goal weight loss = 70lbs

  • Month 1 = Lost 12 pounds (almost a stone.)
  • Month 2 = Lost 9 pounds
  • Month 3 = Lost 9 ½ pounds
  • Month 4 = Lost 13 pounds (really pushed myself this month)
  • Month 5 = Lost 8 pounds
  • Month 6 = Lost 7 pounds

Total weight lost so far = 58 ½ pounds or just over 4 stone.

So I only need to lose another 11 ½ pounds which is less than a stone and then I’ll be there.

I think I will get there within the next 3 months. They say that the last few pounds are the hardest but I’m gonna do it.

I have ordered some more Capsiplex which should be here tomorrow.

I must confess. I have to be completely honest, I did exercise every day but I didn’t cut out junk food completely.

I would say I cut out 80% of junk food but to be honest I don’t want to live like a monk.

Some snacks are OK now and again.

So I am blown away with my results and I have had so many comments from people telling me how great I look and asking how I lost the weight.

It’s really been a confidence booster and it’s nice that people noticed.

A few of my friends are using Capsiplex now and they seem to be getting results too.

What’s it like to take?

When you take a Capsiplex sport capsule you will find that within 10-15 minutes you suddenly start to feel alert, energetic and focused even if you were feeling tired before.

Then when you start exercising you’ll find that you have tons of energy even if you’re on a calorie deficit and should be feeling tired.

It’ll give you the boost you need to exercise every day and you’ll burn fat so fast that it wont be long before you’re looking in the mirror in disbelief at how much weight you’ve lost and how good you’re looking.

Capsiplex Reviews

Here are some reviews by my helpful readers!

I’ve lost over 9lbs!!

I have tried 5 different fat burner products in the last year and none of them have even come close to being as powerful as Capsiplex, seriously every time I take one of these pills I get an incredible focus and energy.

When I don’t take one of these pills I try to workout and get tired in 20 minutes but with these I can workout for over an hour and at the end of it I feel great!

I sometimes take one in the afternoon as well because I find it great for getting work done and getting through the afternoon slump. I just take one and wham instant focus and energy for the next 4-5 hours. My manager is very impressed and is considering me for promotion with a nice pay rise.

Oh yeah and in the last 4 weeks I’ve lost over 9lbs.

This stuff is cheap in my opinion when you think about how good it is. I have already ordered more.

Anne W.

I love Capsiplex!

I take one of these first thing in the morning when I wake up and it instantly makes me feel awake and ready. Then I run the treadmill for 20-30 mins at 6mph before showering.

Even after running I find that I still have lots of energy and I just feel really good.

Today marks the 3rd week that I’ve been using them and I have lost over half a stone and am seeing big changes in my appearance, health and the way I feel.

Capsiplex gets top marks from me.


I’ve lost over 2 stone in 2 months

I never usually leave reviews but Capsiplex sport has been working so good that I feel like I owe it to spread the word.

I play 5 a side football on the weekends and wanted to lose a bit of weight and get in shape.

Thanks to this I’ve lost over 2 stone in 2 months and my performance on the field is 10 times better.

If you play sport or just want to get in shape then do yourself a favour and buy this.


great stuff

Hey everyone, I’m a guy and most of the reviews I’ve seen for this product are from women so I had no idea whether it would work for me or not.

Well for all the guys reading the answer is yes! It works for guys too.


I take this every day before my workout and it helps me workout longer and feel energized. I also get a hawk like focus and the brain fog that I used to get in the afternoons has gone.

It’s great stuff and you will burn fat fast with it too.


lost 8.5 pounds!

Every time I tried to diet and exercise in the past I would get hungry and tired and would have to eat which made losing weight impossible.

I can’t be walking around all tired and lethargic because I have to work, get the kids to school and gets stuff done around the house so I thought I was forever destined to be fat.

A friend recommended Capsiplex so I bought a tub and make a long story short I am amazed at this stuff.

It gives me the energy I need to exercise and diet without feeling tired and hungry all the time and for the last month I’ve reduced my calories by over 750 per day and have not snacked or binged once and I never get really tired where I feel like quitting.

I exercise every day for at least 20 minutes, not too long I know but I am so busy.

Oh yes and I’ve also lost 8.5 pounds and lots of people have noticed!

I cannot recommend this product enough to anyone who’s trying to lose weight, it is a god send.


In 90 days I have lost over 30 pounds!

After trying a few energy boosters and fat burners from Amazon and not really being that impressed I somehow found these Capsiplex pills, I think I read about them on the Daily Mail website.

Anyway, as soon as they arrived I cracked them open and took one and within 10 minutes it’s like I suddenly came to life.

My head felt clear and focused and I had all kinds of energy which lasted all afternoon.

The next day I started exercising again and reduced my calories. I follow a program called Insanity which beforehand I could never complete but thanks to Capsiplex I was able to get through the workouts!

In 90 days I have lost over 30 pounds! Here’s my before and after photos.


I never would have been able to get results like this without these pills so I am absolutely thrilled.

Girls and guys if you need a little help losing weight then try this stuff because it will give you energy and focus like you wouldn’t believe.

Mandy C

Here’s a video review I found.

If you have used Capsiplex then please feel free to post your review here for everyone to read!


Here are some answers to the more common questions I’ve been asked about Capsiplex.

How long does it take to work? You will feel it working within 15 minutes. It will give you lots of energy and help you burn fat faster.

Is it safe? After researching all the ingredients, I think it’s very safe to consume.

How long will it take me to burn 1 stone? You could burn off a stone in a month. My first month I burned off almost a stone, (12lbs).

Do I still need to diet? Yes, burning fat and losing weight is all about burning off more calories than you consume.

Capsiplex will give you an edge because you will burn fat faster but you still need to eat less. I’ve written more about how to diet and track your calories below.

Will it keep me awake? It does contain caffeine so it might do.

If you have any other questions about Capsiplex then ask below!

Capsiplex Fat Burning System

Here’s a helpful guide by Claire, one of my readers wrote to help you burn fat fast!

I think Claire’s system is excellent and I have no doubts that it works!

Should You Buy Capsiplex?

Capsiplex isn’t a miracle pill that will make you slim overnight.

But it does give you the energy you need to get up and exercise as well as helps you burn more calories and suppresses your hunger so you don’t over eat.

There’s no comparison, when I try to exercise without Capsiplex I just can’t do much but when I take just one tablet I just come to life and can’t wait to get moving.

It also feels like you’re burning fat faster while on Capsiplex. Your body warms up and you start to sweat more and it just feels like you’re getting a good workout and you’re burning lots of calories.

So if you want more energy and you’re serious about losing weight then I recommend Capsiplex 100 percent.

The official website to purchase from is Capsiplex.com and right now you can buy 1 get 1 free!

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