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What you eat and how you exercise makes a HUGE difference to the way you look and feel.

But with so many different “ways of eating” and new workout programs appearing online everyday it’s enough to make your head spin!

That’s why we created FitMapped.com – a place where real people can write about what’s working right now so that we can get fit and healthy together!

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Say Hello To The Fit Mapped Family!

These are all the special people who contribute and make Fit Mapped better and better every day!

Camila Santiago

Camila is an introvert, travelholic, digital nomad & integrative health coach.

She discovered that a whole food plant-based diet is the gateway to optimum health for, self-awareness, and even spirituality.

Throughout her trips around the world, she started to sink deep into herself and figured out that her mission is to help people to find happiness within themselves.

Bring them back to their core and re-connect with the source.

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Marija Malešević

I see exercise as a way to maintain a healthy lifestyle, not just losing weight or gaining muscles.

I like like the benefits exercise has on my mind as well as my body.

I do not follow any special diet, I just follow a balanced diet, a little bit of everything and especially fruit and vegetables that are available during a particular season.

I prefer aerobics, which includes cardio, HIIT and sometimes even lifting some weights.

I have started doing yoga since February, so it’s something new and very interesting to me and something I’d like to write about soon!

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Sarah Ohm

Sarah is an avid fitness & health enthusiast; as a spin instructor, she spends a lot of her downtime inside the gym or being active outdoors.

She is in love with all dogs, loves to read and is obsessed with good coffee.

She believes the key to living a healthy life is having balance, so she will also indulge in a glass of wine every now and then!

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Amanda Clark

Amanda is a vet tech, nature lover, a foodie at heart, and a passionate writer of product reviews and health/fitness ideas.

Her mission is to honestly inform you about the best products and lifestyle tips for your needs and desires.

You can read all of Amanda’s articles here!

Andrea Barrett

Andrea Barrett

Andrea is a writer specializing in health and wellness.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies from McMaster University, is a certified personal trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), and is currently studying to become a certified nutritional practitioner (CNP) with the Institute of Holistic Nutrition.

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Betsy Green

Passionate about all things fitness, Betsy is a British professional fitness writer, competitive toned figure athlete and personal trainer.

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Vanessa Zweifel

Vanessa is a nutritionist, born and raised in the south of Germany.

She obtained her Bachelor’s of Science from the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences.

She has since focused her work on curing nutrition-related diseases as well as health promotion in children throughout the developing world.

She has a deep passion for writing.

In a world where people publish nutrition related content without having the expertise needed, she wants to be the face people can trust, aiming to publish content based on peered-reviewed, scientific research.

When she is not working, Vanessa enjoys travelling.

Having visited over 20 countries, she enjoys exploring new cultures, exchanging and gaining new values, as well as learning new languages.

She is a global citizen, and values an open-minded society without prejudice and wrong judgements.

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Lynn Shulman

Lynn Shulman has been writing about health and beauty for over 15 years.

As a former organic spa owner, vegan and avid fitness enthusiast, Lynn is passionate about creating interesting and educational articles that help readers live a healthy and vibrant life.

I’ve always been interested in health and fitness, since I was 18.

I think it started with wanting to look good.

But then I realized that looking good was a result of feeling good, which is related to nutrition, diet, calm mind etc…

I follow a plant-based diet. I’m 99.999 percent vegan.

I do HIIT mostly with some weights.

My gym has an elliptical machine with a HIIT setting so I do that, followed by weights for upper body and legs.

But I’ve also done years of bootcamp classes, worked out with a trainer and also kick-boxing.

Most recently I’ve also been doing some Studio Lagree, a type of pilates.

You can read all of Lynn’s articles here!

Erica Wagner

Erica Wagner

Erica has a strong passion for health, love, life, and her Great Dane, Jada.

She strives to create health and fitness content that is relatable to readers all across the world.

You can read all of Erica’s articles here!


Carlee Holden

Carlee is a fitness writer from Oklahoma.

Having spent several years in the gym as a personal trainer and a group fitness instruction and weight loss coach, Carlee gained experience in the world of fitness and wellness.

Nowadays, she loves to spend her days with her two toddlers, husband, and dogs keeping healthy and writing is her favorite way to stay engaged in the wonderful world of health and wellness.

You can read all of Carlee’s articles here!


April Edwards

April is a physiotherapist that specialises in sports injuries and loves helping people to get moving.

Some of her favorite sports include running and yoga.

When she’s not out doing those, she’s thinking of her next trip somewhere around the globe.

April also loves writing in her free time and sharing her knowledge and adventures through her blog and writing for Fit Mapped!

You can read all of April’s articles here!

Charlotte Hulme

Charlotte Hulme

Hey, I’m Lottie, a Deputy Editor based in London writing about all things lifestyle.

Aside from indulging in a vast amount of article writing, I adore keeping myself fit as a yogi and regular gym-goer.

Sandwiched between writing about restaurants and grabbing quick lunches are my regular gym sessions, but if I’m not here you can find me firing up my Strava and training for my up-coming duathlon.

As a keen runner and cyclist I take part in regular races, moving myself from office chair to open air.

Fitness is of huge importance for me – a decent dose of it not only makes me feel healthy, but it keeps my mind healthy too which, of course, is key for writing.

You can read all of Charlotte’s articles here!

Crystal Amelco

Crystal Amelco

What I really like about health and fitness is that it isn’t just about looking good or being strong, it’s a whole lifestyle that encompasses your emotions, body, well being and focus.

I can really feel when I slack off with healthy eating or consistent exercise in every part of my life; personal and professional.

Fitness keeps me strong emotionally, physically, and mentally.

I don’t follow a strict diet.

I enjoy food but I also see it as fuel for my body.

I like to focus on eating food that is either grows out of the ground or eats what grows out of the ground.

I also try to eat a variety of foods and include many different colors to ensure that I get a bit of each vitamin group.

As little preservatives and additives as possible, of course.

When it comes to exercise, I like a variety as well.

The bulk of my exercise is HIIT because I’m a busy mom but I also include cardio, kickboxing, weight lifting, and sports when I can.

You can read all of Crystal’s articles here!


Jessica Thomas

With a passion for all things involving health, wellness, and improvement – you’ll find Jessica Thomas, MPH either covering need-to-know health care topics or creating process strategies for small businesses with Kombucha within arms reach.

Through her writing, she hopes to enlighten and educate individuals on how they can take charge of their health and enhance their wellness, naturally.

I’ve always had an interest in health and pursued an education in it (e.g. health administration and public health).

A lot of people think that their health is a result of genetics (a small percentage actually is), but it’s truly their lifestyle.

I followed a plant-based diet for 8 months, but have slowly introduced chicken and certain types of fish back into my diet.

I still shy away from products that include egg and milk.

I used to suffer from terrible acid reflux and realized that the symptoms significantly decreased when I removed what were likely allergens for me.

I don’t do a ton of cardio as I’m already lean. I like to focus on basic strength training.

You can read all of Jessica’s articles here!


Jessica Lin

What interests me the most about health and fitness is how there are so many different schools of thought, different processes and regimes that people claim work and don’t work.

I’ve tried the keto diet, and now I’m just on a clean high-fiber one.

For training, I prefer either in gym training with weights and machines, or HIIT (if I am at home and barely have any time).

Otherwise I quite like classes. I did boxing (muy thai) and now I am taking a self-defense class.

I moved extensively as a child and has lived for significant periods in both North America and Asia.

Writing has always been one of my passions, and in my free time if I’m not reading or spending time with family and friends, I’m at home trying out a new recipe.

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Tincuta 'Tini' Nitu

Tincuta is a Nutrition Coach, published author and the founder of her own website.. MindsetAdventure.com

She helps freelancers, programmers, other coaches, bloggers, and sedentary people lose weight, improve their health and lifestyles by tapping into their own inner strength and uniqueness.

In her free time, she likes to work on self-development, meditation, exercise and spend quality time with loved ones.

She is passionate about all things nutrition and mindset.

You can read all of Tini’s articles here!


Iris Cardenas

I am passionate about all things health and nutrition.

I follow a whole food diet and try to eat as little junk food as possible.

When I’m not exercising or cooking I like to travel and write!

You can read all of Iris’ articles here!


Lesley Tohill

Lesley Tohill is a writer currently living in Dublin, Ireland.

“I follow the keto lifestyle myself.”

When she’s not writing articles, you can find her curled up with a book in one of her favourite coffee shops around the city.

She graduated from Queen’s University Belfast in 2013 with a degree in English and Creative Writing, and still dabbles in poetry when the mood strikes.

You can read all of Lesley’s articles here!


Katherine Fleming

Katherine Fleming has been rock climbing and activity instructor since 2014. When she isn’t teaching people to defy gravity, Kat is off exploring new destinations and writing about them.

You can read all of Katherine’s articles here!

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