5 Reasons You Need To Watch Your Form When Lifting Weights

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Watch Form

In our haste to get fit and look better we sometimes lift weights heavier than we should and that can play havoc with our form!

Sometimes less is more!

“What is good form?’’ you might ask. It’s a term that’s passed around a lot in the weight lifting world, but everyone seems to have a different conception about it.

Good form could be described as the optimal position of one’s body when they perform any given exercise.

Because everyone is unique and different, this means that there is no one perfect form for each exercise.

This should be a huge relief!

It’s still important to consider form when we exercise, but we shouldn’t obsess about getting an exact shape if it doesn’t feel right.

In this article, we will go over 5 reasons why form is important when you weight lift.

#1 Minimize Injuries

This first reason is probably the most obvious and important one.

Our body is very resilient, but is also vulnerable to injuries if we adopt poor form during weight lifting.

Tendons, muscles, joints and ligaments are all structures that can be affected if we force our bodies to work in a position that isn’t optimal or if we lift a weight that is over our current capacity.

As a result, these injuries not only cause a great deal of pain, but will also set you back in your workout and cost you in health care treatments.

So why not minimize the risk by adopting good form?

If you’re hearing clicking and popping sounds then you may be lifting too heavy or using incorrect form.

#2 Get Better Results

Each exercise is meant to work a specific muscle or a group of muscles if it is performed correctly.

When we start adopting poor form, the wrong muscles kick in.

Not only can that result in unwanted aches and pains, but can also steer you further away from your goal.

People often wonder why they are not getting the desired gains with weight lifting and tend to increase the load.

We should always start by looking at how we are performing the exercise.

A simple tweak in our form can make a world of difference for our weight training gains.

#3 Breathe Better

Breathing is life, but for some reason we’ve all been guilty of holding our breath during a weight lifting exercise.

While lifting, if our body is not working in an optimal position, we’ll naturally tend to hold our breath.

However, we need to bring more oxygen to our muscles and get rid of the carbon dioxide that we produce while we exercise.

Our lungs help with this process and as a result,  it’s very important we don’t restrict our breathing.

That is why good form is important as it is directly linked to our breathing.

The better our form is, the easier it will be to breathe and the longer we’ll be able to sustain a given exercise which means better results!

#4 Enjoy Your Workout Session

This next point kind of links in with the first one about injuries.

A lot of people want to get into weight lifting, but they often give up because “it hurts” or “it doesn’t feel good”.

Working out should be somewhat uncomfortable because that’s how we obtain change, but it should never hurt or cause injuries.

The more you get into the habit of performing your weight lifting routine with good form, the easier it will be on your body and your mind.

You will find it a lot more enjoyable, and you’ll be motivated to keep going and crush to workout goals.

#5 Lift More Weight

This last point is the one everyone wants before even thinking about form.

However, it should be the opposite.

We need to learn how to walk before we can run.

The idea is to start off with light weights and focus on getting the right form that works for your specific body.

If you’re unsure of what that means for you, it’s always helpful to seek professional advice just to get you started.

Once you feel confident with your form during a given weight lifting exercise, build from there.

You will progressively be able to add more weight without feeling like it’s putting an enormous amount of strain on your body.

This is when working out gets interesting!

There you have it, 5 reasons good form is important when lifting weights.

Hopefully this was enough to convince you if you think your form needs a little bit of work or to insure you just need to keep going with your good habits.

So before you do any exercise look up the correct way to do it and focus on form over weight. Once you’ve mastered the form you can up the weight!

Remember good health is important too. Bad form will leave you with all kinds of aches and pains that may last years. So watch your form!

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