5 Fun Alternatives To The Gym To Get Fit!

Katherine Fleming

Katherine Fleming has been rock climbing and activity instructor since 2014.

When she isn’t teaching people to defy gravity, Kat is off exploring new destinations and writing about them!

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Sometimes you think of joining a gym, but then you remember that the cost or the monotony of staring at the same wall, pulling the same weights and running in the same direction just doesn’t work for you.

So here are five ways to keep fit and embrace the adventurous side of life:

#1 Hiking!

We can always aspire to take the stairs instead of the elevator or bike to work but sometimes that just doesn’t work out.

Walking can actually be one of the most fundamental ways to keep fit.

How many people get in there 10,000 steps per day?

Sometimes, when the weather is good and the sun is out, there is nothing better than a lazy stroll to the coffee shop, or a hike up a mountain!

Surprisingly, there are loads of walkways and hidden gems in the very cities and towns that you live in or even just a short drive away.

Have a look and see what you can find!

#2 The Slack Line 

Ahhh the slack line.

Commonly known as a tight rope, only thicker!

It has recently become a hit that is closely associated with rock climbing and other outdoor sports.

The reason for this is that they are relatively cheap to pick up and highly resemble a strop.

There are loads of cool things you can do with a slack line and they make the perfect companion for picnics and micro adventures.

Physically, they aid with core strength and balance, and as you progress, they help tone and strengthen all those little muscles you didn’t know existed, like the little tiny one in your left butt cheek (you know the one I’m talking about).

They are also an aid in establishing or re-establishing proprioception (the ability of the brain to recognise where your limbs are in space and time without looking at them) which is great for old injuries.

When setting up your slack line, it really comes down to location, location, location!

Most parks have trees, and you would think any tree suitable, but some could be protected.

Make sure you do your research beforehand, and please always be sure to place an old towel or tree protector under your line, to protect the bark and prevent chaffing with the movement of the line.

#3 Kayaking 

A greatly under rated sport!

You can kayak in the sea / open water, rivers, lakes and white water, some people even fish from them.

Pretty much, if there is a water body near you, you could use of these puppies.

Kayaking is one of those sports that isn’t really talked about.

It can be incredibly tiring and usually works at strengthening and toning certain areas of the body, predominantly, the upper body and core.

It can also be a dangerous sport, especially if entering the white-water phase.

This sport can be great for day trips and adventures, but surprisingly the water conditions are usually better when it’s raining!

#4 Surfing 

Some people have access to the perfect “surfers dream” so why not give it a go?

It can be daunting and if you ever think you have it perfected, mother nature will just toss you straight back in, but there is just something about bobbing around on the great blue sea, isn’t there?

When you are learning to surf it’s not always about perfect conditions but getting out there and having a go.

You probably won’t be able to duck dive on your first try and you probably will get wiped out, but trust me, we’ve all been there.

Surfing is great for anaerobic fitness; it is like swimming without the repetitive laps and water in your ears…although that probably will still happen.

Saltwater also has amazing benefits for acne, or skin break outs (not broken skin such as cuts or abrasions), as well as for those natural beachy waves.

Its also great to meet new people and enjoy the conditions, rain or shine.

#5 Rock Climbing 

Now believe it or not, rock climbing started becoming a hit around 30 to 40 odd years ago and has been growing ever since.

We would be looking around the late 1980’s when the first indoor climbing hubs were popping up and it has been a growing sport since then.

It will actually be in the next Olympic Games!

But let’s look at it from a physical perspective.

There are multiple areas that climbing targets, they can include strengthening and toning of the upper body, core and (surprisingly) lower body.

It can also enhance your endurance and flexibility (climbers manage to get themselves into some weird situations), but I have also found it pushes your mental capacity and determination.

Climbing can be a dangerous sport, but most people who train properly, follow the safety rules of their climbing facility and don’t push past breaking point rarely suffer any injury past sandpaper hands!

So, these are some of my top ways to keep active.

I know the weather can seem daunting to get out there and “just do it”, but at the end of the day, most can be done indoors as well.

As with all adventure sports, I recommend that you go with friends and tell someone where you are going and what you are doing.

The best adventures are the safe ones!

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