The 5 Best Apps Loaded With Tasty And Easy To Prepare Meals

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Meal Apps

Are you a busy person looking for some quick and easy recipe ideas?

Maybe you’re a foodie who is bored of your current recipes, a newbie to the cooking world, a mom with picky eaters at home or someone looking for tasty yet healthy meal options.

Whatever your cooking needs are, the following 5 amazing food apps have something that will satisfy your food goals and desires!

#1 The Tasty Recipes App

This amazing food app literally has just about every type of meal, dessert, snack, and drink recipe known to man!

Their beautiful meal pictures, and cooking videos are guaranteed to make your mouth water and fill your mind with inspirational cooking ideas!

This app is fun and easy to use, but most importantly it’s an app that’s 100% free and 100% helpful with any cooking needs!

Who’s The Tasty Recipes App For?

  • Visual learners who love mini cooking videos, ingredient and instruction lists, and even a step by step cooking mode option on the phone.
  • Anyone who needs an “unlocked” phone cooking mode, so that you don’t have to unlock your phone a million times.
  • People who are “foodies” at heart, lovers of diverse and cultural food, or someone who just needs new cooking ideas! Diversity is the spice of life! It’s all available at the tip of your finger with the Tasty app!
  • Anyone with specific dietary preferences or needs. There’s vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, pescatarian, dairy free, keto and paleo lifestyle recipes too! There’s literally something for everyone!
  • People who are picky eaters.
  • People on a budget. This app is 100% free!

#2 Mealime App

This partially free app contains all types of meal recipes that can be made within 30 minutes or less.

The app consistently presents new weekly meal ideas along with previous recipes.

Something that makes this app unique is that it has a grocery list with the option of ordering ingredients and having them delivered to you within an hour!

Who’s The Mealime App For?

  • People who only want meal prepping ideas (there’s no dessert/drinks/snacks recipes).
  • People who love a large variety of cooking options.
  • Anyone interested in a free app or the paid Mealime Pro option.
  • Anyone who wants to cook meals in under 30 minutes.
  • If time is of the essence and grocery deliveries to you within the hour sound amazing!
  • If you need an app that has a mixed culture of food ideas that also match your dietary preferences.

#3 MyFitnessPal

This well known app is usually mentioned in weight loss or weight and muscle gain conversations.

However, the MyFitnessPal app does more than just calculate your nutritional goals!

Their blog provides people with a wide variety of healthy yet tasty meals!

The meals from their blog can be saved as a favorite in your food list and added to your daily food diary (adding the food to the diary counts your nutrients/calories/macros/micros for any kind of physical goal).

Who’s MyFitnessPal For?

  • People looking for easy, tasty, and healthy recipes.
  • People who want one app for multiple purposes (i.e. food recipes, fitness syncing, and personal fitness goals in one app.)
  • Anyone who would appreciate a free app that helps with meal prepping and syncs with other fitness apps and watches.
  • Anyone who needs to make sure that they are meeting their specific dietary needs.

#4 Wegmans App

The Wegmans app is for all of my fellow East Coast folks!

Wegmans is a popular East Coast grocery store that has a food app!

This amazing app makes cooking, coming up with cooking ideas, and grocery shopping easy, fun, and affordable.

Wegmans is currently a growing grocery store chain that has locations in: VA, MD, NJ, PA, NY, and MA.

Who’s The Wegmans App For?

  • Anyone who would love a grocery store app that has meals, desserts and snack ideas.
  • Anyone who would love to receive and use coupons via the app.
  • Anyone who loves reading the ratings on recipes before trying it themselves.
  • People who are looking for some good and simple recipes, but also don’t want to feel overwhelmed with the variety of meal options.
  • People who would love to save recipes with cooking instructions on your phone or tablet.
  • Anyone who likes virtual grocery lists and the ability to food shop from an app.
  • People on a budget: the Wegmans app is 100% free.
  • Anyone who needs inspiration regarding vegetarian meals.
  • People who want healthy and tasty recipes with the calories per serving listed.

#5 Yum Recipes App

This food app has a plethora of delicious recipes to try!

There’s a lot of recipes from  Middle Eastern culture, and vegetarian food options. This app provides inspiring and unique recipes for veggie, meat, dessert, snack, and adult beverage lovers! The bonus feature is that the app has a “cooking 101” video topic section for anyone looking to hone their cooking skills.

Who’s The Yum App For?

  • Anyone interested in a simplistic and very cultural food app.
  • Anyone interested in a 100% free app!
  • People interested in cooking tutorials to hone their overall cooking, baking and drink preparing skills.
  • People in need of inspiring beverage ideas.
  • Visual learners who appreciate videos, pictures, ingredient lists, and cooking instructions.

With these 5 amazing recipe and meal planning apps you’ll never be stumped on something tasty and healthy to cook!

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